FP7 ALIEN project

Dissemination, Cooperation, and Standardization

The Disseminate and publish  activity is responsible for propagate and ensure the high visibility of the project results across related research communities.

This activity aims towards four specific goals:


  • To ensure the project is known outside the ALIEN consortium
  • To facilitate integration with other European projects
  • To cooperate with related international and national projects on OpenFlow and Future Internet architectures and protocols
  • Initiate, promote, and coordinate related standardization activities in relevant bodies

Firstly the strategy and dissemination plan for project have been published. It contains a list of workshops, presentations, conferences, journals, posters, etc. where ALIEN project participants plan show their results to other scientific environments from all the world (the participation in conferences and meetings in the USA, Japan, Europe is planned).

Secondly the project website has been launched and is up to date with all news from ALIEN consortium. Also project promotion materials has been created in this activity.

Thirdly ALIEN project has started cooperation in SDN and Open Flow domain with project CONET and FELIX. This activity creates an opportunity to develop solutions based on CONET and extend the range of ALIEN recipients with the opportunity to join the initiative FELIX.

Fourthly ALIEN, providing a new solutions and ideas can bring a new standard for the future commercial solutions. That is why we cooperate with a standardization bodies and standardization working groups like ONF, OMG, IEEE or Open Compute Foundation. Our ideas could show a new direction or could modify current approach to switching and routing devices.

Besides above ALIEN project has promoted the ideas during organized workshops. Workshops allows project partners to improve qualification in some technology used in ALIEN project. Also, such events are a great opportunity to exchange experience with people know  new devices very well. In many cases these people are designers and creators of these devices what gives a huge opportunity to learn “directly from the source” and thinking in a way designers do. Such workshops have been  addressed not only for project partners. They have been open for all people and companies not involved in our project.

More information

  • D6.1: Report on the dissemination plan for the first year of the project (NOT PUBLIC)
  • D6.1: Report on the dissemination plan for the first year of the project – updated (NOT PUBLIC)
  • D6.3: Report on the dissemination activities in the first year of the project (NOT PUBLIC)

See also: Standardization Contributions.