FP7 ALIEN project


Software developed within the ALIEN FP7 project:

Framework for Hardware Abstraction Layer development

  • ROFL (Mozilla Public License 2.0) – The Revised OpenFlow Library (used by xDPd)
  • xDPd (Mozilla Public License 2.0) – The eXtensible DataPath daemon (a framework for creating new OpenFlow datapath implementations)

ALIEN Control Framework – software packages for integration with OFELIA

  • OCF-OFGW (BSD license) – The resource manager for ALIEN devices
  • OCF-TBAM (BSD license) – Time-Based Aggregate Manager for OCF
  • OCF-TBPlugin (BSD license) – OCF Expedient plugin that provides an interface to the Time Based Aggregate Manager (TBAM)
  • ClearingHouse (BSD license) – AAA framework for the ALIEN Control Framework
  • NETCONF (BSD license) – NETCONF Plug-In for HAL Network Management

Virtual machine image with ALIEN Control Framework deployed: download VM

More information about ALIEN Control Framework installation and configuration you can find in this document.

Framework for tests

  • Test-harness (Mozilla Public License 2.0) – A harness for distributed testing of CCNx applications
  • Performance tests (Mozilla Public License 2.0) – performance tests of HAL-enabled OpenFlow network devices

Programmable Abstraction of Datapath

  • PAD prototype (Mozilla Public License 2.0) – Allows you to set new data plane protocols and actions to the OpenFlow software switch

Hardware Specific Parts (HSPs) prototypes

Platform Software packages Licence Location
EZappliance xDPd-for-EZappliance Mozilla Public License 2.0 https://github.com/fp7-alien/xDPd-for-EZappliance/tree/master/src/xdpd/drivers/ezappliance
EZappliance EZproxy and Hardware Datapath (binary) Priopetary https://github.com/fp7-alien/xDPd-for-EZappliance/tree/master/src/xdpd/drivers/ezappliance/EZproxy-binary
NetFPGA xDPd-for-NetFPGA Mozilla Public License 2.0 https://github.com/fp7-alien/xDPd-for-netfpga1g
Cavium Octeon xDPd with Octeon driver Mozilla Public License 2.0 and GPL On request only
DOCSIS ALHIMP Mozilla Public License 2.0 https://github.com/fp7-alien/alien-DOCSIS
GEPON xCPd Mozilla Public License 2.0 https://github.com/fp7-alien/xcpd
L0 switch ADVA-ROFL-DP Mozilla Public License 2.0 https://github.com/fp7-alien/adva-rofl-dp