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ALIEN 2nd Face-to-Face Meeting, 26-27 March 2013, Berlin (Germany)

The 2nd Face-to-Face meeting took place on 26-27 March 2013 in Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin) premises and was hosted by EICT. The meeting’s purpose was to make agreement on some architecture assumptions, work organization and next steps  to be done. All work packages have presented the current work progress and the most important issues to be discussed. During the meeting the discussions have conducted on how the Hardware Abstraction Layer should be placed on the different Hardware Platforms. Another discussed issue was to how integrate the ALIEN hardware platforms with the OFELIA Control Framework together with specifying some technical details e.g. the OpenFlow version to be supported. The important issue that was discussed during the F2F meeting were the Experiments on OFELIA and ALIEN hardware. During the meeting the agreement of all ALIEN consortium partners was taken and action points as well as important steps to be done in near future have been defined. The meeting has also scoped on most important administrative and financial issues.

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