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NetFPGA Spring Camp 2013, 20-24 May 2013, Poznań (Poland)

Build an Internet router and learn about clean-slate switches in a 5-day spring school will be held at Poznan University of Technology in Poznań, Poland.

This event will be like previous summer-school events but, excitingly, will be the first NetFPGA event to exclusively use the new NetFPGA 10G boards.

The NetFPGA platform originated at Stanford University and more-recently updated NetFPGA (10Gb/s) have been developed in collaboration with Cambridge University. The NetFPGA platform enables researchers and instructors to build high-speed, hardware-accelerated networking systems. The platform can be used in the classroom to teach students how to build Ethernet switches and Internet Prototcol (IP) routers using hardware rather than software. The platform can be used by researchers to prototype advanced services for next-generation networks.

By using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), the NetFPGA enables new types of packet routing circuits to be implemented and detailed measurements of network traffic to be obtained. During the tutorial, we will use the NetFPGA to determine the amount of memory needed to buffer TCP/IP data streaming through the Gigabit/second router. Hardware circuits within the NetFPGA will be implemented to measure and plot the occupancy of buffers. Circuits will be downloaded into reconfigurable hardware and tested with live, streaming Internet video traffic.

More details on this event on the NetFPGA event website.

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