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ALIEN on the Terena Networking Conference 2014

ALIEN TNC14 During TNC2014 Conference in Dublin (19-22.05.2014) ALIEN will present Hardware Abstraction Layer for non-OpenFlow capable devices. Session Advanced networking is planned on Thuesday 20 May at 2 p.m.

“This presentation shows a way forward for adding SDN-based control on network devices that are not compatible with OpenFlow and introduces a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for non-OpenFlow capable devices that addresses this problem and discuss its advantages. In particular, the presentation explains how a HAL-based architecture can support different classes of network devices.” 

Two ALIEN demonstations are also planned on the PIONIER booth during the Terena Conference:

DEMO1 – Streaming on demand in OpenFlow networks. During live demonstration we are going to show:

  • HAL hardware drivers for EZchip NP-3 and Intel with DPDK
  • End users applications’ running on HAL-enabled hardware

DEMO2 – DOCSIS platform integration in OFELIA (remote demonstration):

  • DOCSIS Access network available as an OF resource in OFELIA
  • Application running over OFELIA framework

For more information visit: TNC 2014

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